Terms and conditions


  • You must have a reservation for an Air Caraïbes flight to pre-order online. You will need your flight number and reservation number to confirm your pre-order.
  • The payment is only  made onboard. Accepted payment modes : credit card, paycheck and cash.
  • The deadline to pre-order on a flight from Paris Orly is 48h before the flight day (UTC+1 Paris).
  • The deadline to pre-order on a flight to Paris Orly is 72h before the flight day (UTC+1 Paris).
  • The prices indicated on this website may vary depending on the market. The price may change slightly when you will pay onboard.
  • The available product range are renewed every 4 months. Some products can be unavailable from a month to another.
  • The products on this website are available onboard while in stock. 
  • Discounts and promotions are not applicable for tobacco.


International regulations, safety requirements, as well as flight time and limited space on board will not allow ourselves always respond to your request. Please accept our apologies if it happens that we cannot fully satisfy you.


The saving made on purchasing an item on board is based on the average sales price of items in France. On EU destinations, the prices include VAT.


Our crew is at your disposal if you want to pay for your purchases in euros (€), US dollars ($ - notes only), credit card or French checks. The 500€ notes are not accepted.

Accepted credit cards: Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard. Ceiling for payments by credit card: 300 €.  Above 300€ payment required with two different cards.

Please note : Electron, Maestro and Nickel cards are not accepted.

Some cards may be exceptionally refused on board depending on the conditions of use set by your bank. Please contact her with any questions or additional information.

To prevent credit card fraud, we might ask you to present your ID, for all transactions, as well as your boarding pass.


On your return to France, the goods contained in personal luggage are allowed without nothing to pay customs when their value does not exceed the following limits: Travellers aged 15 years and over: 430 € / Travelers under 15 years: 150 €.

Warning : the maxima indicated above may not be combined by members the same group or family to buy a single item. In addition, you can bring the goods listed in against the specified limits.


CIGARETTES : 200 Pieces ; CIGARILLOS : 100 Pieces ; CIGARES : 50 Pieces


Less than 22° : 2 Litres ; More than 22° : 1 Litre

*Only the travelers aged more than 18 are entitled to these quantities.


Items purchased on board are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, only in case of a manufacturing defect or a proven malfunctions due to manufacturer. If the purchased product meets one of these criteria, you can contact us in order to return it to our customer service in its original packaging along with the invoice to the address below. The cost of return are your responsibility. Please note that no exchange or refund will be done on board.


INFLIGHT SALES GROUP EUROPE after-sale service :


Shopping on board are processed by Inflight Sales Group Europe.